talk show on mute

She has been in the news recently, or should I say always. If you don’t get to see her on TV doing her usual stuff, you’ll definitely see her on the news, making some issues good or bad about herself and her current lifestyle. She is really famous and they pay her millions to do what she is best at, being at the spot light.

[She recalled telling the management, “Gawan niyo naman ako ng show na hindi rehash. Gawan niyo ako ng something new talaga, that will make me shine.”]

And I know you’ve heard about the recent issue about her marriage or should I say null marriage if the court grants the case. We all know it, we’ve all heard it even though we don’t want to, somehow news about her spreads like wild fire, or is it because she’s always making news for herself?

[“Kasi, I think, anybody who has gone through a breakup and gone through the loss of a parent, all in a span of one year, ‘yung parang the two pillars of your life, nawala… So, ngayon ang kailangan ko is to make sure okay ako within, para my kids will really be okay,” she said.]

True. It has only been less than 1 year, since she said she’d quit the industry if her brother wins, and she did, but before they can officially announce her brother’s presidency, she disclosed the issue about her failing marriage. And after that, we’ve heard tons of news updates. But not before long, this news died out, it wasn’t satisfying to hear about it anymore, and thus, another issue aroused.

She was asked to host a noon time show but only after two months was replaced by the management. Ouch. That really hurt her feelings. But let’s see how she reacted on this.

[“I didn’t resign or quit. I was asked to leave (noon time show) to make room for new male hosts. I’m honest & humble enough to not lie about the true situation,” she said in her Twitter page.]

Oh, she easily returned the attention to herself that is so typical of her. Need I say more or should I elaborate my point?

People with histrionic personality disorder have are characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. They always want to be the center of attention and they usually become depressed and upset when they are not. They easily neglect and get bored with long-term relationships in exchange for new and exciting ones. They not only dress to impress but also to attract attention. They act very dramatically with exaggerated emotions and expressions but lacks sincerity. These are just some of the characteristics of someone who has a histrionic personality disorder.

Do all these symptoms pertain to who we are talking about?

Who doesn’t know this most famous celebrity talk show host and game show queen and lots of other titles she has garnered throughout her career in the showbiz? Add up her recently new title as the little sister of the current president of the country. Do you know her?


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