Broken and Incomplete (‘coz of me)

I’ve hurt you many times over and over
Called you mine
Broke your heart the next day

I bring out the best in you
I also bring out your worst past

Ups and downs
That’s what you get from me
Beating hearts
Broken hearts

What does really matter in this world?

Is it the past long gone?
The past you can’t return to
The past you can’t do anything about
The past that only gives you two options: to accept or regret. To move on or to dwell too much

Is it the present we have now?
The chance, the moment we can control
The one thing we are certain of

Or is it the future we hold dear?
The future full of hopes and dreams
Of plans and words untold

This world is full of options
Yes or no
Leave or stay
Dwell or move on
Accept or regret
Forget or remember
Either way brings about a different outcome every time

Are you still hurting?
What is it that you need?
What is it that I should give?


14 thoughts on “Broken and Incomplete (‘coz of me)

  1. Ohh.. this one really resonated with me! Sometimes, you just feel like sitting before them and asking all those questions that bother you… so many questions that haunt.. questions that spell guilt..

    This is really good stuff, my friend!! Well penned!

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