I wanna make you something special
The best of the best
But I only end up breaking you
Wish I could make everything right
But then again that would mean leaving you
‘Let’s start all over again’
We’ve said this one too many times
What should I do?
I’ve been living under this cloud, I’m so blue

I’m so jealous when you talk about other girls
Devastated when you hang out with them
I know I’m wrong. It’s stupidly true
But I just can’t help it
I’m so in love with you

Wish I could forever be with you, always
Never letting go
Never parting
I’m always missing you

But then again when we fight
It always seems like there’s no tomorrow
And I’m falling apart
We hurt and we shout
We say it all out loud
And regret the thoughts and words we’ve made
Hugs and kisses follows
And all (the negativities) is lost

I’m gonna do all I can
I’m gonna give you my best
I’ll try my hardest
Make you forget
Put u back up
Return all the pieces
And make everything okay
I’m sorry
I love you

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