You’re leaving me again

You know you don’t want it

You’re worried I’d make the same mistake again

You’re scared and down

You’re lost

You don’t know what to do anymore

You’re so devastated but that little hope still lingers

Or is it that small spark of love that keeps you holding on

You wanna leave but you can’t

You think:

Fate has played you once more

History truly repeats itself

And it won’t stop

You try to understand but you can’t

Think it all through, over and over

You still dont get it

You hate what happened

You can’t accept it

You can’t move on

You want out

But you can’t, why?

What’s holding you back?

It’ll be better if you leave

A bright future awaits you

But you still hold it so firmly

You don’t want to let go that easily

You’ve been played lots of times

You never do anything wrong

But this always happens to you

And you don’t know why

And that same misery that haunted you 5 years ago is back to get you

What would you do now?

Would you do the same thing?

Or try something else and wait for a better outcome?

What’ll happen now?

Only you have the answers

To these unending questions


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