a perspective

i am not myself today

have i ever been myself in the first place?

i’m so confused

i’m so out of it

i wanna quit

you’re holding me back

if you leave me now

it’ll probably mark the end of this clasp

the one that’s holding me tightly and secured

among the tracks

waiting for the sun to come up

it has always been raining in this world of mine

glimpses of the sun penetrate only the outside

wish i could go out and feel the warmth

but i’ve been badly burnt

wish someone could cure this pain

but that’s the same person who’s to blame


6 thoughts on “a perspective

  1. I cannot agree more of what Olivia said above, this one resonates also. So well penned my friend….thanks for linking and hope to see so much of your talent next week also. Hugs x

  2. Why it feels that I have read this before..?
    Is it because I identify with the words? Or Deja Vu..?

    Or maybe because you have expressed something which is a dire reality and so well..?
    Loads of Love My Dear.. xox

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