a story

there’s this guy

who wrote me a song

though i barely knew him

he made me cry everyday

tears always run down my face

and still i chased after him

he was well worth my time

made me smile and laugh and cry

i really liked him

but things got a little out of hand

and circumstances changed that made him mine

and now he’s hurting coz of me

i should have just set him free

but still he sticked around and prayed

he didnt want me out of the way

im really lucky so i stayed

he’s the best of the best

that i’m sure of

he doesnt see he’s worth so much more

i’ve done him wrong

countless times

i shouldnt be with him

i crossed the line

but still he took me back

and im surprised

i wonder what he saw in me

i hope it’s not a lie

as this story unfolds

and the characters are told

the way things are going to be

are they going to stay?

or will they leave and be free?

nobody knows what’ll happen

the future doesnt happen overnight

and so the story continues


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