i wish my heart would stop

along with all the pain and suffering

i write all my miseries down

wishing they’d go away 1 by 1

but they only multiply

leaving me hopeless

the way you see life

dictates how you’ll experience it

maybe i’m just full of negativities

i lie awake wishing for death

wondering why all the good people die

why can’t it be me?

maybe i deserve to suffer

and to live fulfills that prophecy

only the good deserves to be free of the pain from this world

i count the days till my last breath

this dreams and hopes i have

are no match to my pessimism

someone would lift me up

but i know i’ll just bring him down with me

i am of no use







3 thoughts on “1.23.11

  1. earth child
    please don’t
    feel blue

    Loved ones
    are thinking
    it’s true

    when you
    feel down
    we hope
    the sound

    of our
    heart beats
    will travel
    to you!


    ..feel better dude….

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