a poem for you know who

September 9, 2009

Maybe I was wrong.

And you were right.

I was too aggressive.

I wasn’t taking it slow.

I wasn’t fun at all to be with anymore.

You’ve had your bet.

Now you want it back.

You think it’s through,

But there’s still a gaping hole

Staring back at you.

I need you to patch it back.

You just turn away and left.

You’re selfish

And I do all the work.

You’ve left me broken.

Help me remember how to move on.

Help me forget all the stupid memories with you.

Help me move on,

I don’t want you back.

Your Stupid selfish lies won’t work with me anymore,

Everything you are is a trap.

You lure people into you,

Make them want you

And in the end you’ll just leave them hanging,

Wanting for more,

Waiting for nothing.

You were right.

Maybe I was forcing myself too much.

Trying to make things work when it never did.

This broken heart of mine will never be fixed.

This broken heart of mine will no longer beat.

It died when you started playing with it.

Bravo to you.

To your great work

To your achievements

I must admit you were my greatest downfall.


i found this poem in my email and it was a few years back, its really interesting finding something you’ve written a long time ago. funny thing about this poem though is that i dont seem to remember who i wrote this poem to. oh well.


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