the 3rd line is forever

i was inspired to write this while listening to OPM songs πŸ™‚


oh woah oh

we’ve grown apart all these years

we used to be forever

but now it’s no longer


you’re wishing it’s still the same

but darling I’ve changed

nothing is forever

and nothing stays the same


stop wishing you could turn back time

stop hurting, your heart’s not mine

our story’s not forever

stop waiting, it’s over




10 thoughts on “the 3rd line is forever

  1. well done.
    i can relate to this one….my old fiance of 20 years ago is hanging on to old memories. This poem is how I feel every odd occasion I run into him. well done.

  2. Woah, this packs a punch. It’s sad the way we sometimes believe ‘forever’, and then one (or both) realise it isn’t … but the hope is always in new beginnings. Your writing struck a chord with me. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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