this chair

a girl

with short hair

the length of a man’s

she looks so pretty

you wouldn’t even notice her stance

she doesn’t walk like artists or runway models do

but she moves so gracefully, so elegantly true

she smiles just like sunrise

waking up the soul

even the loneliest of fools will be blissful just to see her too

her radiance cuts across for miles on end

everyone would beg to be near her

or just to see her face

beauty encompasses everything she do

she wishes to go to places

even to that nearest curve along the street

or just smell the flowers.

she has seen the rain many times

wanted to touch it, to know what it feels like

these white big walls hide her

this chair is her only companion

legs – she has none

no one notices the sadness beyond her smiles

she sits here waiting for something

anything to come

yet the same still remains

herself and the pain she has gone


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