apology to a friend

we have been together for a while.
“you quit, i quit right?”
is it still the same?
is it still that way?
war of hearts and minds.
kanta ng bamboo.
di mo ata alam yun.
you don’t care anymore.
hate me that much?
that’s what i thought.
i’ll leave you. if you want to.
i don’t wanna hurt you much further.
super friends? all has gone.
parting is such sweet sorrow
that i shall say goodnight, ’till it be morrow.
a line from Romeo & Juliet.
things i say are for you my dear.
gone are the days.

everyone gets hurt sometimes
it doesnt mean the end yet.
dont give up. move on.
please stop this.
it cant be helped.
but it can be avoided.
move on, please?
stop this non-sense.
your pride is killing us all.

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