this Earth God made

There is no more to life than the best things that God have given us. We may never be happy without it. Having a vacation always gives a sense of wholeness and completeness. Nothing more can ever do that to us other than nature. Many people forget about nature and God’s love and his creation because of the advancement in science and technology. They no longer fancy nature and often neglect it because of work. Work. Work. And more work. Everyone in their busy lives forget about our wonderful nature which God made and gave to us. We often neglect it and abuse it for our own selfish deeds and needs. I too have forgotten life’s beauty and wonders until God gave me a chance to experience it once again when I went to Cagayan de Oro for our ecotourism fieldtrip, the wonderful sites to see, places to go, and the fresh air to breathe. It was such a relief to be out of my usual place. I really felt nature at its best even though we didn’t get the chance to visit the other places in the itinerary. The beauty of nature can never be compared to anything else other than God’s love. Experiencing nature is like experiencing God’s love at its fullest, so wonderful, and so peaceful. No worries can even enter your mind when your one with nature. It’s like sunshine in a cup everyday, one good day after another. Even though the nights are dark, you’ll appreciate it with the sparkling lights of the stars.

Cagayan de Oro is one of my best experiences with nature, I always visit nature every time I’m free and those free times are mostly my vacation period. Whenever the vacation period is coming up, I always think about nature and then my whole body would just relax, and for a while I can image the beaches that I love to mingle with, with its cold waters and beautiful colors. People just don’t notice this, but the beach changes its color. I don’t know if you notice it too but I like how the beach changes its color, its magnificent. Add it up with the beauty and silence of nature. Hmmmnn, it’s not really silent and all, but calming, nothing like the big cities which never stops to take a while and be QUIET!! When you’re with nature, you hear the melodies of the birds, the buzzes of the bees, the cries of glee of the insects and other animals which you cannot see up close, but you can hear from a far.

It’s been a while when I last visited nature, I never thought I’ve been lonely for quite sometime. Now I’m back at the city, all I pray is that I’d always be inspired by the feeling of nature and by experiencing it. So I always come to nature, it wipes away my tears and takes away my fears. And showed me just how good life is. I’d always come to nature and make a start. I’d make a change for our very own simple life. Living a simple life is not always bad, in fact it helps nature and it also helps us so it’s a mutual relationship.. Nature will always inspire me in every way.

You’ll never be blue with nature, might I say, but then again, nature’s not turning blue anymore, its turning red, brown. It’s not sad, it’s devastating, but what do people really care of? “Nature is going to be there always, she’s not going anywhere.” Is it really that? No. when darkness turns to light it ends tonight. And time wont make things right, it’s too late when they found out the problems and there’s no turning back. Its better going back, Its our fault where blind, we were blinded by what we see or were all pretending to be blind. We are all the first to know and yet we do nothing about it. We will miss nature that we’ll all want to invent a time machine just to go back to the happy old days. If people can only find out sooner and plan actions and do it earlier then we may not reach that point of time machines. All this time, the problems were always there, we can never escape it. Can we put the blame on the changing times? Technology was so fast, so young and yet so sure, that this will never end. But no. it’s starting to end right now. Environmentalist would say to our nature “I’d always stand by you my friend, but forever was not too long.”

Transportation: Jeeps. Cars, airplanes, buses, tricycles, ships, all these causes air pollution. We can’t stop it. We always travel. May it be a blue jeep, a red bike, a green car or a black plane, with your friends and family and everyone else. We can’t live without transportation. What we can only do is minimize it. God did not invent transportation. He taught us to walk with our own bare feet while being one with nature, the feeling of our feet touching the soil where we came from and where we will go to when we die.

I’d always thought that nature would always stay with us forever. Now, with all the global problems, I doubt it will. But what’s the point when we would never change, when there would never be a change in what we are doing? Are we really ready to face the consequences? People always think about their selves, only about their selves. What about the beautiful nights and romantic moments with nature? The love we always feel with her? Are we going to throw that all away? We all know it, but what are we doing? Nothing. Nature’s half dead.We thought we did it all for her. But no, we are not doing anything.

Our head hurts our mind aches just because of thinking for the proper solutions to our global problem. Even the polar caps are melting and we can’t even do anything about that right now. We don’t have the solution. People are confused, they want to know the truth, and they want to help, but how? As of now, we can only reduce our pollution, but we can’t stop the growth of pollution because it will always be there. There have been a lot of changes and problems here in the world and we have answered those problems dramatically in the past years, for example, the wars we thought would never end. If we only look for the solutions, think of the proper answers then we may have the conclusion and solution to solve these problems even if it may hurt us for quite a while, we can manage it, right?… the earth is not getting cold anymore, its getting warm. It can’t even maintain its temperature anymore. Let us help nature so that our future generations and even ourselves when we reincarnate may have the pleasure to experience nature once again and all the days of our entire cycle of life.

Essay by Hope Reyes

written for her Ecotourism class

Oct. 2008


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