suicide is not an option – 1


Suicide is not an option. But some use it as an escape. Escape to what? A life full of questions left unanswered.

This story starts with a noose, a body hanging on a noose, a frigid body, lifeless. The cops only found out after 10 hours. A death that cannot be hindered, an option freely taken without a drop of doubt or regret, with just one jump, life ended in an instant. They weren’t able to stop it. They never knew it would happen. She was always so happy, so friendly, and so carefree; there weren’t a hint of sadness or problem in her life. Everybody wondered why she did it, why she chose to leave this life.

Everybody has their own version of why she left, some say she was bored, which others thought was such a stupid idea. They say she had nothing to do that everyday was always the same as the next day.

Others thought she was keeping all her problems inside her that she let it build up until it burst then the suicide, which was really plausible.

After death, what happens next? Do people really go to heaven or hell? Was she thinking about that before she died? Before she left this world?


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