the kiss


I’m craving for you. and for this moment. the time has come, for us to collide once again. and make love for the first time. The time stands still. And we passionately kiss. We hold hands. Until its time to part. And when the kiss is broken. The seal is leased. And we both end up naked. In our apartments.

As our lips slowly touch. And your hands caress my body. Our tongues meet for the first time. And a kiss is made passionately. When the day turns into darkness. We slowly fade into the dark.



You asked me how was the kiss. And it felt good. Being with you. And having you around makes me happy. So happy that I wonder why. I always ask if I love you. The only answer I get from myself is I like you. This feelings I’m feeling for you. Is for you alone. You’re special to me. and no one can replace you.

I always think about you at night. And the next time I’ll see you again. You occupy my mind that you’re the only thing I can think about. You make me so happy. I feel so alive when I’m with you. You’re so special to me.


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