suicide is not an option – 4


The first few weeks of her death were really a burden to her family. She didn’t think that she would leave a big mess to her family; she thought they wouldn’t care and that her passing was just any ordinary day for them. She was wrong. All the people she thought didn’t cared for her was all there, even people she didn’t know was there, people who have met her, who have been her acquaintance or even the seller of her everyday taho visited her wake.

She didn’t think that there were people who cared for her; she always thought nobody cared; even she didn’t care for herself. She was surprised by the number of mourners in her wake and even in her funeral, they didn’t want to bury her body, they all wanted to be close to her even to her dead body which lies in a cold coffin full of orchids – her favorite flowers – that has never been alone since the wake. Lots of people surrounded her everyday.

When her parents learned about her death, her parents almost had a heart attack – she didn’t know, though deep inside of her she always knew, that they loved her so deeply, that she was their precious daughter even with all her flaws – but they kept strong, they knew they still had two daughters who needed them, that though they lost one of their daughter, life moves on, and that they should move on for the sake of their now precious dead daughter.


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