suicide is not an option – 9


Her suicide, even though it was something negative, imparted something positive in their life. They realized, what they had long forgotten, that life is precious, that we shouldn’t be wasting it with trivial things, that in one blink of an eye we might lose it. We can lose life, the same way we gained it.

Life has its ups and downs, and her life was full of downs, she was pessimistic. She never thought about all the positive things in her life, she was always looking at her flaws. She was long waiting for this build up inside her, for the courage to commit the crime she did.

Hours before her death, she was walking, thinking, smoking her cigarettes, she was lonely, she was staring at the horizon, looking at the now setting sun. Cool warm breeze makes her hair stray all over her face. The view of the sunset was perfect. A fusion of red, blue, orange, and violet clouds slowly covers the sun’s façade. Although feeling lonely, she felt calm, her nerves relaxed, her mind was empty. Nothing. She was numb. Smoking always made her tense muscles relax.

Before she even went to watch the sunset, she went to her coffee shop for her daily caffeine fix. She was with her so called friends, laughing with their obnoxious comments. She didn’t like them all, she hated them, deep inside her she wanted to be in a far away place, darkness.



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