plus 1

making love to you

is so overwhelming

so passionately true


like a big gush of wind

blowing me away

i’m drifting to nowhere

i’m going astray


i’m waking back to reality

one more time is not enough

i’m wanting more

i’m craving for more

dont stop. dont stop.


waiting for every moment to be with you

all im ever thinking about is you

this is so crazy

you’re making me nuts!

please give me some

i can never have enough


driving through indefinite passion

walking through the abyss of destruction

urgently waiting for it to stop

never wanting to do anything than… cut!

stop shouting. dont stop moving

go faster and faster

harder, harder!


is that all you can do?

go in deeper, shit!

you’re making all the right moves,

why bother stop?

this time it’s taking way too long

the break’s coming, dont worry

our pleasure will end so soon

dont stop coming


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