oh, it’s you again!

i wonder what’s with you
how you always make my heart skip a beat
whenever you talk to me
or nearly everything that has something to do with you
i wonder why for so long
i still cant stop this feeling
whenever it’s about you
it’s kinda weird actually
how we dont really know each other that well
we only met once or twice max
and that’s it
but still, the same feelings arise
i’m not exactly sure what feelings those are
they’re all mixed up like one big ball of glue
weird. i compared it to glue.
maybe ‘coz im kinda stuck on you
i’m still thankful though
for meeting someone like you
you’ll probably avoid me for this
so.. oh well.. might as well say this
you’re an incredible inspiration
most especially in writing
and life
i hope we’d meet again someday soon
for now, it was nice writing about you


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