I need my daily fix baby
I’m craving for my addiction
I’m looking for alo
I wanna be with you
Where is my baby
My heroin in disguise
The man who made me realized
That life is worth while

I miss you
Your voice, your hugs
Your soft smooth fingers
Your lips, your kisses
Your tender touch
And your passionate love

I can’t go on without you anymore
You hold me so tightly I can never let go
Be with me, I’m yours forever
Stay with me, don’t wait for dawn

I love you so much
I can’t resist
This temptation persists
I’m so over bliss

Help me withstand
Help me come back out
I’m in this fantasy world again
I need to stop

Finding my fix and waiting for my cure
I’m sitting here naked
Waiting for you, that’s for sure

Barely breathing as blood trickles down my veins
I’m soaking in this redness, of pain
The lights start to fade
With your beautiful face I can’t contain
Here I lie waiting

I miss you so badly baby
You’re all I think of

*I wrote this more than a year ago, it’s quite fascinating to have stumbled upon it 🙂


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