Train Ride

I see you boarding down the train. Leisurely you walk without a care in the world. A split second glance was all we had, as I closed my eyes and continued to walk. I take my seat beside an elderly woman, still thinking about you and that small chance. I wonder if we’ll take off at the same stop. Hoping we would so I could get the chance to look at you. The whole ride I was wondering if you were someone I know. Your face looked too familiar. And it was your presence that led me to you. Your eyes covered by your brown aviator glasses, your hair smoothed out by that paperboy hat of yours. The look we gave each other was that of puzzlement and interest. I felt nervous so I walked faster, leaving you behind, leaving only my back for you to see. You startled me. And now I can’t help but regret and wish I looked at you closer, take your full being in my eyes so I won’t forget a single detail of you. That small hope still lingers inside me that I could get a glimpse of you before I leave. We don’t have anything at all between us and yet I look forward to see you once more. In this train ride we shared. 1.12.12


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