Paper Tissue Love

You always need me in the morning
Wake me up even when I’m sleeping
You rant about this thing and that
But when you need me you cradle me back

When your tears starts to fall
I’m always here to catch it all

I am always here for you
I’m getting tired of you
When you need me I’m always here
But when you don’t you ignore me, dear

You throw me away
You don’t need me no more
You’re scared to say (goodbye)
So I’ll just say it all (for you)

I don’t want your paper tissue love anymore
I don’t care if you’ll need me or hate me over (and over and over)
I’ll just say this once
So dear listen clear (listen here)

I’m not your paper tissue
That only comes handy when you need me
Yet you always forget to take me wherever you go
You ask for more but your 1 roll too short
So don’t ask for more I’ve said it all



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