Holding on to Faith

It hurts so badly when you don’t have a clue

It hurts a lot to think it’s so true

Waiting for the right time to come

For the right opportunity to change things

I’m losing my hope here

My faith’s fading away

I’ve had lots of opportunities I dared to lose

Hoping for the right one to come

But only dead ends come and take me

Away, away, away

I can’t break these chains

It’s bringing me down again

Hope has long left me

Faith will come save me

I won’t let this get to me

All these years I’ve been searching so hard

Trying so hard to cover my mistakes

The paths I’ve chosen are full of hardships

These memories are all awake

Moments come when darkness dared to take me

Opportunities came and death embraced me

But I dared not to, I shut them all away

I need to find my faith again

I need to grasp it but only in vain

Faith, faith where are you

When have I lost you, I can’t recall

I always thought you were there

Always knew you won’t cease to stay

But what is this I find

Even hope can’t help you now

The only thing you need is faith

You got to find it quick

Or everything won’t stay

I give you my hope, I lend you my faith

I know everything will be alright

Just hold on and stay

Wait for it to go, move along this road

Don’t regret it, these are not mistakes you’ve made

The purpose is here, you just need to find it dear

Hold on, your faith will save you


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