I Hope I’m Not Too Late

sorry i didnt notice before

i was too preoccupied
i was just so selfish to learn
i wasnt able to read the signs
i never thought you were all alone

i guess i didnt care that much
i always thought you were strong
i always looked up to you
i didnt know my assumptions were all wrong

am i too late to save you now?
is there little hope left not to let you drown
i dont want to lose you in your misery
i dont want you to be like that in my memories

sorry i wasnt aware
i should have known
all those times you came and stayed
yet i just let it all slip and time passed away

you were waiting for me
but i didnt know
you could have said something to me
but i wasnt always alone

all those times you wanted to tell
yet i was too preoccupied to care

now i understand it all
i hope im not too late
i’ll do anything, i’ll give everything for you
so please dont slip away

dont. just dont.
you’re way better than that
im sorry i didnt understand before
but now here i am for your call

i’ll help you whichever way i can
i’ll support you like no one else have done
i’ll be here. always
just dont let go. dont slip away


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