SEX (you know you want to..)

March 18, 2012

Why do you have sex when you have lived the first years of your life not knowing it? You didn’t even practice it in order to sustain your life and continue living. Why then do you choose to practice it?

Because it feels good? Sex feels good; yes it does, just like the taste of your favorite ice cream or your favorite team winning the game, these also feels good right? So why do you choose sex over these wholesome things that gives you the same pleasure? You know better than that. You shouldn’t give in to the pleasures of the flesh. Lust is temporary. Aim for joy instead; for happiness that grows and expands which you can share with others.

Sex is meaningless and selfish if you’re doing it for the sake of pleasure or because of your partner. If you really love your partner, you wouldn’t engage in sex in the first place. Sex is overrated just like love is overrated too. But we should remember that love is all enduring, encompassing and meaningful while sex is just a onetime deal that you happily give yourself in for the purpose of a short time satisfaction in life. Sex is meaningless if you don’t know what it’s for.

We should remember the purpose of sex. It is for procreation, for producing life. If this is not your goal then don’t do it.

Contraceptives and pills may fail, so what then? What do you do when you’ve got something in the oven? Dispose of it? Kill it? Can you imagine how it would feel like to die without ever experiencing to live? Would you want that for yourself? For your siblings? For your friends? Imagine if their parents have thrown their lives away and gave in to abortion. Can you imagine how it will impact you right now? So think of the future when you plan to have sex. Think of its consequences.

Let’s remember that sex is solely for married couples who choose to have babies of their own to love and protect. If your answer to this is contraceptives and pills then who are you killing instead? Yourself? Your girlfriend? Imagine indulging on sex for a couple of years and dying a hard death at the hands of cancer; imagine giving birth to a disfigured baby; imagine the complications it would bring not only to the child but to your future as well.

Can you accept the outcome? Think it over. Don’t give in.

And when you find yourself letting the pleasure of sex get a hold of you, pray. Ask for guidance. Ask for courage to fight the urge. Ask for forgiveness for entertaining the thought. Ask for wisdom to help you in your choices. You are not alone in this fight so don’t give in to the urge. Pray. And if you’re not into praying, then divert your attention and energy to something more productive like sports, arts, crafts, anything you can focus on and put your energy into just to get rid of the thought of sex. You’ll not only get something better out of it, you’ll also not regret the consequences.


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