A One-way Love Affair

The night I first saw you

You were singing for her

Pouring your heart out

All for your love, so far away


I saw you again

Still singing your heart out

Not of love, but of pain

Your heart aches for her


The third night confirmed it all

Your singing was a longing

For your love has left you for another

Eyes closed crying for her


Your songs touch my heart

Like the way your fingers touch the guitar strings

Full of love and compassion

Of bliss and oblivion


Then I saw you tonight

Your song is different than before

Your heart’s finally open

Accepting love once more


Here I am finally taking my chances

Waiting, wanting to get closer to you

This heart of mine is yours to keep

This dance of ours is a song of surrender


I give you my all, no holding back

This is our first night together

First time to forever

The wait is finally over


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