This Love of Mine

I love you

For you love me too

Accepting me for who I am

For whom I was and will become

For your understanding

And never-ending patience

Your unconditional love is priceless

Your Devotion is so endless

Heart full of passion

Of love and emotions

Gratifying me with your songs of admiration

Musically talented, you’re so gifted

Kind and loving to the fullest

Ants chase you because of your sweetness

Thoughtful to the point of selflessness

You give your all

Sacrificing yourself

Never holding back

Not needing nor asking anything in return

Your love is precious

A love that no one can compare to

A unique being full of beauty

You are God sent to me

Thank you for your love

Thank you for your time

Your passion and devotion

Your songs and admiration

You’re so wonderful

So vividly true

I’d be so lonely without you

Your love’s divine

Your heart is so kind

I love you not because you love me too

I love you for God sent you


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