Ang Nawawala – What Isn’t There

Ang Nawawala shows different problems and scenarios in life while finding out solutions for it. The film has a lot of loop-holes but if you look closely, it barely closes one problem before entering to the next.

The film revolves around Gibson who stopped speaking after a tragic accident when he was 10 years old; 10 years have passed and still Gibson is quiet as his usual self, until he falls face-flat-in-love with Enid – who breaks his heart in the end – but not before Gibson speaks his words of love for her (uttering his first few words again after 10 years).

The film is very artistically created, this is the best independent film I’ve ever watched so far and it stays in your head for quite some time, lingering. It’s well worth the watch and you’d want to watch it over and over again. The cast was also well-selected. And the music, God I loved the music! Music enthusiasts of the OPM scene will especially fall in love with this film.

The only thing that I didn’t like with the film is that it keeps opening up problems which will not be resolved in the end, for people who like their movies fully closed at the end will find this film “bitin” and a bit disconcerting because of all the open-ended problems and scenarios all inter-occurring in the film. That’s probably one of the reasons why the film is entitled “Ang Nawawala” and basically the reason why it’s there in the first place, Ha!

All in all the film speaks for itself, no need to further discuss it with, not until you have watched the film, sharing or telling the plot of the film won’t get you nowhere because you’d have to watch it to be able to understand it fully, whole-heartedly, and really feel what the movie is all about.

*OPM – Original Pinoy Music
*Bitin – a hanging position, or little near satisfaction.
*Ang Nawawala – What isn’t there

For more info about the movie, you can visit their websites at:

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