Death Envy

Do not envy the dead

you just might get

what you’re wishing for

My childhood friend recently died at the young age of 26. Lupus got the best of her, broke down her kidneys. I never got the chance to see nor talk to her, nor give her hope. It all came so fast, one minute we heard she was sick, the next minute she’s dead.

Envying someone’s death is a bit imprudent (You think the dead wanted to die in the first place). Sometimes things like these get to you, wanting to die, wishing to leave, hoping for space, peace, freedom. Simple things that life throws at you sometimes just gets to you and you’d wish you can just disappear from all these and leave, without a trace, no nothing.

Wishing for death, then what? Why would you want death? What would you get in return? What is it to you that makes death so appealing you’d leave your life behind, leave all the living and just die?

Think things through. There’s so many things you can do, things that can change your present situation. Don’t let life get to you, live your life, do what you want, never let death be an option. It’s never an option nor a last resort. Death just comes, you’ll just have to wait for it.

You don’t embrace death, death comes to you. Patience is key.


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