All we have are memories

(memories, memories, memories)

they do nothing for us

we cannot change the past that haunts us

the future is still uncertain. unclear

the present’s all there is

but i don’t have you


you may never remember

the memories i have of you

nor the ones we tried to forget

still they haunt us like wretched souls

devouring our every move


you look happy now

happy like you want us to believe

you turn your back against us

still i can feel your heartaches and pain


it’s a bittersweet memory

what we have in us. innate

you can choose your path

but it’ll never lead you

to where you wanna go


stop trying. stop hiding

your blindness is killing you

stop fighting. stop lying

there’s nothing more you can do


It wasnt you

it’s not your fault

death is inevitable

just wait, and you will too.


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