Inspire me

Would you go out on a date with me?

And somehow share a glimpse of eternity?

I know girls like me aren’t your type

And even if I try hard enough

You wouldn’t even try

Even so I still dream of this and that

Of you and me together, then what?

I stay awake at night

Thinking, dreaming, wishing

And wake up each morning

With a bad case of headache

(Or should I say heartache)

I don’t know what is it with you

Or what you do or do not do

I’m talking in circles right here

Won’t you come up to me and say

“Hello my dear”

I guess it was always your voice

I didn’t even notice how you looked

Somehow your voice got me all hooked

I close my eyes listening to your voice

Ethereal, a plethora of memories

Waking up always dreaming about you

An obsession? Perhaps

An inspiration? Might be

But as for you and me

Let’s just wait and see


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