Words vs. Life

only words can escape
only words have escape
this life can only be fully lived in dreams
the perfect life can only be written but never seen

words can escape
can change its course
wherever it may take
in life there’s only remorse

words can lead you anywhere you want
be with whoever, be there whenever
no limits, no mistakes
freewill, as far as it can take

imagination runs through words
you can die this instant
or live again, whichever works
you write the words, you choose

you can fly, you can die,
you can be whoever you want to be
you can be someone you’re not
someone you’d wish to be

in words, nothing’s impossible
life has its limits
but not in the story world
not through words

but why escape? why choose the imagined life?
why choose words over life itself?
in life you can fully live
but words are only written, not alive

running away always seems a good idea
that’s what stories tell you
hiding away, drifting, leaving, gone
its always almost the same

in life there’s no such thing as escape
you can either live with it
do something about it
or take a shortcut, and just drift

drifting, what a great idea
dying sounds so alluring
encompassing, unending, in limbo
death, seems so friendly

life is but a piece of a puzzle, its always a challenge
always one piece at a time
there are no shortcuts
or you’ll end up back in the line

words are never ending
life is, life does, that’s what it is
but words are endless, timeless
you’ll never die here, you’ll live – forever

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