Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The tree of life

Doesn’t grow on fertile soil or lush environment

It grows in the most deserted areas

In the harshest of them all

They thrive

Not losing hope

Never giving up

This tree did exactly that

Living for years on this old stone wall that used to be a house

That this tree now calls home.


*during our school field trip, I noticed this magnificent tree, living, breathing, very much alive in its place. Not too many people notice it, but you can see from its stance, its glory, that it defies death; it looks it in the eyes and says ‘NO! I will live, I will thrive’ and so it does. What an inspiration, from something so simple – so easily forgotten – from a tree.

* I know it really isn’t a tree to begin with, but is some kind of a shrub, but because of its dignity, it deserves to be called a tree.




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