we used to talk
day and night
who would have thought
nobody knew
not even i nor you
we just clicked
thats how it is
with life its always a risk
so why bother cry
dont stop just try
go with the flow
go down dont slow
just live it
breathe it
here they come
go catch it!
sometimes life throws things at us
we tend to catch it
sometimes it hits us right in the head
then a realization comes
that we never really needed it
so now what do you do?
do you pick it up among the rubbles?
or wait for another cue?
because life doesnt give a clue
youre there to decipher it
find out what it is
and go on with it
if you cant take it
do something about it
if you cant fix it
then atleast try
because life is like a cycle
a hundred trial and errors
thousands even, who keeps count?
no one, not even you
so why bother with all the trivialities?
im here now, so what’s up?


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