We’re Running Out of Time

i know you’re missing me
and im missing you too
we seem to have lost time
or at least that’s my line
being so busy
i know we both are
but i see you still find time
and im grateful to say the least
but what i really like to do
is catch up with you
and i know you’d want that too
but somehow it doesnt seem so
at the moment
our universe is in limbo
i still hope that doesnt end things
i mean you and i both
have so much
to talk about
and i dont want to end that
maybe time is in our way
and if theres no time at all
we’ll always have our say
but right now it isnt our time
or at least it doesnt seem to be
i hope youre patient enough to wait
so wait for me
dont get too bored
or you’ll lose all your nerve
just wait around and see
dont worry i’ll be back
i’ll come back
i’ll only be in a little while late
a little while longer
but surely
time has no date
bye for now
i’ll catch up with you soon
and yes chess seem so inviting
teach me still
let’s skype and be for real
since real time isnt possible
at least virtually we’re here


2 thoughts on “We’re Running Out of Time

  1. No matter how busy you are, make time for the people who matter. I tweeted this phrase yesterday afternoon, and it got me thinking. So many of us are living non-stop lives, working hard to reach our goals and be successful. Often, it’s our relationships that suffer most in this type of lifestyle. But, let this post serve as a friendly reminder. You are NOT too busy for the ones who mean the most to you.

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