December 2 Chapter VII

It was a different experience, a happy moment; Bliss. Fleeting as it may have been, a dream that’ll never happen. I was glad to finally see you again, meet you, and be with you and your friends. It was so long ago, so long that you wouldn’t even remember.

We were talking like old times, having fun. Conversations we always had about nothing and anything under the sun. It was nice. It was a feeling of being ‘at home’; a relaxed atmosphere, even though we were our usual selves criticizing each other to the point of irritation.

Our friends were there, we were all having fun, fun like old times; Talking about the present and future, about our dreams and sorrows. I look at your face, your smile that brightens your eyes. Our friends have that same look as well.

I wish the day would never end, but it always does, and it was time for all of us to go home.

“December 2 Chapter VII” of Taken by Cars always reminded me of you. It was ‘your’ song, ‘my’ song; to you and our relationship. 


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