We choose to be brave to face the challenges of today through sportsmanship!

We choose to be brave to face the challenges of today through sportsmanship!

Good afternoon to our dear teachers, our very energetic students, our loving parents and guardians and to our most welcomed visitors.

Today marks one of the most anticipated days in the school year. The intramurals, the perfect time to highlight camaraderie, sportsmanship and the vast talents of our students. This is your time to shine students!

Intramurals is not only a time for fun and games nor a relaxation for students away from their academic subjects. This is one of the best ways of teaching students things they should learn and develop from engaging in sports. Here are 10 reasons why:

We celebrate it to develop the psycho-motor of the students, teaching them to channel their energy and time the right way.

It is also a way to promote camaraderie and rapport not only among the students but also with their teachers and the administrative staffs building a strong bond and unity inside the academe.

Intramurals are also a fun way to instill and inculcate discipline among the students. Engaging in sports will help students refrain from various forms of vices such as smoking, drinking and even gambling.

And nothing teaches teamwork better than sports, in the real work environment, teamwork is one of the most valuable attribute an employee should have, the ability to work well with other people efficiently and effectively.

It teaches the value of sportsmanship, the ability to accept bitter defeat is a sign of maturity and the ability to bounce back strong; achieving victory over your opponents will able you to experience immense joy like no other. No matter what is the outcome, win or lose, stand up high and accept the outcome of the game.

If you lose rebound stronger next time, practice your craft and learn from your mistakes. If you win however, never rest on your laurels, keep practicing and always maintain your fierce fighting form. Improve even further and don’t let pressure beat you during actual competition or grow excessively boastful and arrogant because you are on top. Stay humble.

By engaging in sports and showcasing your talents, you’ll be inspiring others to emulate your character, perseverance, winning ways and awesome talents.

Our intramurals also develop healthy competition among the participants. And develop fair play among the athletes. Cheating is null and void; same can be said with dirty tactics.

The ability to shine even under pressure, being in front of many people will help students get rid of their nervousness. This is important since this will aid students in the coming years, speaking in front, public speaking, giving speeches and also during jobs interviews.

Most of all, the intramurals help improve the student’s personality and is essential to their well being.

Sports instill how to win, how to accept defeat, how to interact with other people and how to develop desirable character traits that is vital in achieving success in the future.

Today also marks the special day of our founding father, Mr. Cayetano Reyes, Jr., most commonly known as ‘Sir Jhun’. Let us all greet him a very joyful and special happy birthday! (wait for audience to say happy birthday). Let’s sing Happy Birthday, one, two, three, go… Happy Birthday Sir Jhun!

Let’s offer our dear school administrator our best during the intramurals. And remember, We choose to be brave to face the challenges of today through sportsmanship!

 Again, a warm afternoon to everyone!


10 Reasons why we celebrate Intramural in schools is taken from http://generalhowitzer.hubpages.com/hub/The-Importance-of-Intramurals-or-Sports-Fest-in-a-School


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