Grief (Sept.27,2016)

To grieve something you have lost
That you have never found
To grieve something of worth
That was worthless from the start
To grieve of days long past
And what if’s that will never last
To grieve of you and me
That never was and never will be

To grieve of life
That never lived
To grieve of sorrow
From heartaches and pain
To grieve of missed chances
And second chances
To grieve of nights
And days we chose to leave

To grieve of words never spoken
To grieve of truths we dared not speak
To grieve of lies we chose to seek
To grieve of love that never awoken

To think of you for the coming years with pain
To think of that night we chose to remain, Silent.
To blur the truths with lies
Of honest words hidden by pride

To fight but without action
To speak in broken fractions
To leave and never look back
To seek of things that will haunt you back

To see you happy with someone else
To fall in love with someone else
To miss your chance, chances.
To let it go
And move forward
Only to look back
And realize the pain
That haunts you
Over and over
Until you bleed
Until you’re raw
Until you see yourself
Your true self
With someone else
You don’t even know

To know that you were once loved
But not pursued
To lose hope without a clue
To fight with no hope of winning
To quit without even beginning
To say I love you
Only to take it back
To say you love me, but.
Did you?


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