Called to Serve

A reflection on the book “Fishers of Men” by Frank Padilla

To be called a missionary of God and to do the work He has commissioned is such a great privilege that is truly undeserved and yet freely given. He calls everyone to do mission, to serve Him in all places at all times, spreading the good news of salvation.

But at times we feel so inadequate, so incompetent to do His will. We ask ourselves, “What’s so special about me?” “Why me, when others can do a lot better job than I can?” But here’s the thing about God, he calls ordinary people to do his bidding. And in our ordinariness, God provides us the grace to pursue the mission by blessing us with charisms we need. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about us and our littleness, it’s all about God and his great work of evangelization so that a lot of people may be saved from eternal damnation.

The main focus of our lives should be Christ and the work of evangelization, but the realities of the world sometimes hinder us and we lose our focus. Our family, career, and social life are all important, but the most important thing in our lives should be Christ. We shouldn’t worry about what we leave behind for what we abandon for Christ’s service, God takes care of, and He makes a much better work than us.

Let us not lose sight of what the Lord has in store for us. There is a thirst in every human soul that seeks to go back to Christ. The people nowadays try to quench this thirst with power, wealth, and fame, looking for different ways to satisfy this feeling of emptiness inside only to find their selves more unsatisfied than when they first started. These lost souls are what God wants us to seek, to save, and to remind, that what they are looking for and longing for is God. The innate thirst in their hearts is their soul longing for Christ. Only when the soul connects with God can it be saved.

Our work as God’s missionary is to go out of our comfort zones and into the world, seeking these lost souls. It may be your office mate, your sibling, parents, relatives, and your close friends. Anyone who doesn’t know Christ needs to know about him, and that is our mission.

In this line of work, let us remember that we are fighting Satan head on, going over his territories, and saving souls. We must stand our ground; keep our faith in check, our prayers in constant intercessions, and God will use us and bless our efforts with fruits of evangelization. The Lord assures us that if we do His will, we will definitely save a lot of souls, when we let Him run our lives. Don’t forget that your inaction is for Satan’s benefit.


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