Evangelization Rally

The good news of salvation is at hand, but how can they be saved if no one preaches? We need a lot of fishers of men to preach the good news of the gospel and spread the new evangelization. Every Christian is called to be evangelizers, it is our main duty as Christians, it is our calling, our mission in this world. To bring as many people back to God as long as we live. Just as Jesus called and commissioned the disciples, then the apostles, and in the present time, God’s calling have not changed, we are still commissioned to go out into the world and bring the good news of salvation.

We are God’s co-workers. We need to give out all our efforts and put our best foot forward. Do not be dishearten, and feel small and inadequate. For God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways. God blesses us with the spiritual gifts and charisms to bring out the best in us in order to use us to preach the gospel. The Lord’s only requirement is our openness to God and willingness to be used by Him. If you are ordinary, then Praise God, for He called you to this mission!

Even as we individually evangelize, we need to realize that we are co-workers, and often this collective effort is what ultimately bears fruit. No one has a monopoly of gifts that are needed by the Church to carry on her mission. Just like Paul the apostle have said “there are different kinds of spiritual gift but the same spirit; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone.” All of us are important in our call to evangelization, we have different tasks, and each tasks whether big or small is very important to our calling. Individually we fall short, but working together, united as one, our work bears much fruit, blessed by God.

Sometimes, even when we do our best and struggle really hard to evangelize, our efforts do not bear fruit. It is not because we did not give our best, but at times we are skeptical in our evangelization efforts. We neglect to pray and intercede for the people we are trying to evangelize. Let us all remember, that this is a spiritual war-fare, we are dealing with the evil spirits who are trying to keep these people in darkness, we need to strengthen our faith and pray harder for them. Are our evangelization efforts, simply inviting? Or are we praying for them to have their hearts open to God and be evangelized?

When we leave everything behind, our families and our work, and focus on our calling, we need not worry, for the Lord will take care of us and provide for our families. When we detach ourselves from the world, we attach ourselves more fully in Christ. When we serve Jesus, He serves us as well.

Let us strengthen our evangelization efforts my dear brothers and sisters, especially in our provinces, areas, and community. God has assigned them to us to evangelize, to bring back the lost sheep. It is a privilege to be called by God to evangelize. We are His instruments, we need not worry for the Lord will provide everything that we need in our mission, and when we do our best, the Lord will also bless our efforts with much fruit.


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