Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said)

this is the song from the indie film Dinig Sana Kita. the plot goes on like this.. a deaf dancer boy meets a troubled rocker/musician girl   in a deaf and hearing camp held in Baguio where they find something in common with each other, their love for music. - Sana Ako'y Marinig - Nais... Continue Reading →


to remember means to dream

Someone once said that... - ...memories are just fractions of mind. - - When we remember, we fiddle these fractions around in, what we think, the right way. Therefore, memories are creations. - - to remember means to dream... - - ... and memories themselves are nothing more than mere illusions. - - - -... Continue Reading →

what do you want?

wish i could write you something that you'll love reading something you'll read and never get tired of like a bible to the religious or the internet to everyone hope you'd appreciate the poetry i write for you make you something that you'll be proud of wish i could write you a novel make you... Continue Reading →

cooking curry

i want to cook for you cook the meals you love to eat make your stomach smile make you proud of me make you love me through my cooking i know this sounds foolish i just want to cook for you will you let me? i'd cook your favorite curry make you my very own... Continue Reading →

frustratedly playing the guitar

i want to play the guitar. not just play. but really play and be good at it. i can play some tunes i've learned though im never really good at it --> the guitar, i mean. so anyway to be good in something like the guitar you'd have to have your own instrument. obviously. learn... Continue Reading →

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