missing you

your lips pressed hard against mine i┬ádont wanna let go pull me closer take me away dont let this moment end dont let these memories fade time is our ally distance, our enemy let's make the most out of this and never let go we'll be together soon we'll see each other again for sure... Continue Reading →


missed chance

you said you'd escort me i waited for you but you never came a thousand times i've dreamt about you saw your face in my dreams everyone in this airport resembles you and yet not one of them is you i miss you so much already yet so little time has only passed i'd go... Continue Reading →


it's too bad we wont be seeing each other before i leave your lips are too much i cant breathe i miss you much now's the chance let's go out have some fun i cant fall asleep im waiting for you let's meet up talks about some other stuff you know i miss you right?... Continue Reading →

you are the music in me

it's so cool we get along so well the music keeps playing these lyrics keep singing when i look into your eyes the magic starts to sparkle it's no wonder we're so close i dont wanna be so lost i wanna be with you forever i wish i could stay here with you but no,... Continue Reading →

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