dancing in this moon lit night looking at your eyes so bright this warmth of yours radiates through my skin this love of ours will permeate till the end the night i first saw you that smile of yours so dear i wanted to dance with you then and there with or without music i... Continue Reading →


This Love of Mine

I love you For you love me too Accepting me for who I am For whom I was and will become For your understanding And never-ending patience Your unconditional love is priceless Your Devotion is so endless Heart full of passion Of love and emotions Gratifying me with your songs of admiration Musically talented, you’re... Continue Reading →

Night Shift

You shout, you rant You turn things around But you’re the fool The conversation ended when you said hello The night is young I won’t let you affect me Screaming won’t help you Dissing me won’t do you any good   You have problems, I have mine Don't let my patience step out of the... Continue Reading →

Wishful Thinking

Against the fading light i see your smile so bright then you waved goodbye my heart sunk and died - your favorite flowers bloom this sonnet stops too soon do you remember this day a year ago when you should have stayed - i've been waiting ever since for you (only you don't even care)... Continue Reading →


i have the best(est) hubby ever! he's sincerely and purely and ultimately good. so pure and so true as clear as a white lily after the rain your kindness showers us without fail blessed are we and those who get to know you and yes, God has sent you thankful and full of gratitude are... Continue Reading →

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