Prose 092617

Last night you woke me up. There were no dreams. Only pain and constant wakefulness. We haven’t talked for a while. For a really long time. I haven’t been me and I haven’t been with you. Nor do I consciously seek you. But the thought of you is always there every morning, and every night... Continue Reading →


Move Forward

A reflection on Matthew Leonard’s “The 3 Stages of Interior Life” by Hope Reyes  Have you ever been to an amusement park? All the rides are continuously moving, up and down, left or right, forward and back. The only time the rides are static is when it isn’t moving at all. Our lives are like... Continue Reading →

The Way

A reflection on the book “El Camino de Santiago” by tito Frank Padilla “All roads lead to Rome”, for us Christians, our paths should lead us to Heaven, our final goal, our true home. Along the way, we encounter a lot of distractions, wrong turns, u-turns, unpaved roads, narrow paths, paths that are easy to... Continue Reading →

Evangelization Rally

The good news of salvation is at hand, but how can they be saved if no one preaches? We need a lot of fishers of men to preach the good news of the gospel and spread the new evangelization. Every Christian is called to be evangelizers, it is our main duty as Christians, it is... Continue Reading →

happiness 11.24.11

what is your view of happiness? as of now, happiness for me means being content and satisfied with what you have. if you're content with life then we can say that you are happy because you are not seeking for more or so much more. and if you're happy and content, then we can say... Continue Reading →

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