We Lie

Sometimes we lie because the truth hurts so much Because we are afraid Of the future Of the outcome Of what can and never


It was only a Dream

We live in the same place, still we don't see each other differing locations with the same name i keep dreaming of you always drifting but never touching that night. that last night it was true. if only you knew we denied of course alcohol brings out the real you the one you kept hidden the one... Continue Reading →


another boring day.. i cant believe i'm wide awake this early. my windows shades are still closed shut but the bright persistent sunlight is flooding my room. shadows overcast by the leaves of the tree outside seem like creepy creatures, monster still sleeping beside my bed. my night lamp is still on, its not that... Continue Reading →


looking into your perfect eyes your drifting voice fills the entire room with echoes, melodies of love, life and passion dancing to the tunes i held your hand and led you down the stairs we walk toward the gardens wind caressing the leaves the midnight sun lights our paths wont you come with me and... Continue Reading →

Choosing Between 2 Evils

Choosing between 2 evils How would you fare? Which side are you on? Which side will you choose?   Choosing between 2 evils It’s just the same Weigh the outcomes It’ll still be the same   Choosing between 2 evils Will you really choose? Or let other people decide for you> It’ll make you confuse... Continue Reading →

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