Through a Looking Glass

When your heart aches because of a love lost of a time spent wasted at most the love you gave which was never reciprocated in the arms of another happy as ever they dance the night away their own journey to forevery only, you're the one looking from the other side of the glass



It is when you do not seek that it comes so prepare first yourself before waiting for the right moment will come when the waiting will end in joyful celebration the bridegroom has come   actively wait prepare yourself purify your heart love with utmost abandon and be free joyful   open yourself do not... Continue Reading →


I feel your love in every beat of my heart saying I love you I love you I love you Be happy, live! There is nothing to fear no need to worry I Am with you always.


How lovely it is to behold to have to feel to touch to be my Lord, God inside of me and with me to have you we are never alone for you are with us until the end of time

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