odd reminder

eggs are unborn chickens, it's like fetuses for humans. can you imagine eating a fetus? :-/



Why do you question your faith? When all along you know it’s the truth Why do you seek answers? To unquestionable roots You should be glorifying God The one you grew up with And yet you question Him But for how long? You know better you’re going to lose Why do you still seek when... Continue Reading →

suicide is not an option – 1

One Suicide is not an option. But some use it as an escape. Escape to what? A life full of questions left unanswered. This story starts with a noose, a body hanging on a noose, a frigid body, lifeless. The cops only found out after 10 hours. A death that cannot be hindered, an option... Continue Reading →


for some reason the thought of working scares me. though i know i'm well qualified, the responsibilities overwhelm me.. oh well..this is me again being lazy and pessimistic. gotta have some work experience.


we're moving too fast is this what you want? destiny has its own time waiting is a must - i feel weird looking at this unknown ceiling is this what i wanted? what i wanted from me - is this a disguise a way of deceiving a one way transition an early bliss or a... Continue Reading →

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