A Plea

Remove my selfishness oh Lord turn it to love remind me to be secured in thy love let not my love be tainted let it not be destroyed by my selfishness let Your Love overflow in me let Your Love be my love let it spring forth in my heart like a long forgotten well... Continue Reading →



I feel your love in every beat of my heart saying I love you I love you I love you Be happy, live! There is nothing to fear no need to worry I Am with you always.


How lovely it is to behold to have to feel to touch to be my Lord, God inside of me and with me to have you we are never alone for you are with us until the end of time

To Win

I do not fear death I wait for it, welcoming like an old friend I try not to seek it, but sometimes I just can't resist To die is a win-win situation to be with you Father

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