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i saw myself today i tried to wake up but in vain thinking of these memories i wish i didn't have i always say to myself that tomorrow is so unclear i wish time would pass quickly i'm hoping to see you ga all i ever did was let you down never thinking of anything... Continue Reading →



dancing in this moon lit night looking at your eyes so bright this warmth of yours radiates through my skin this love of ours will permeate till the end the night i first saw you that smile of yours so dear i wanted to dance with you then and there with or without music i... Continue Reading →

Standing Still

time goes slow and time goes fast in time you'll know what time doesn't show time stands still time has its own fears moving to different places seeing different faces these phases keeps repeating these phrases kept me going my mind drifts away these places wont let me stay all i can say is please bear... Continue Reading →

Foolish Mistake

Don’t fool yourself We both know you don't love her anymore You try to hide it But I can see clearly behind your lies   Was it the past we had? That you regret not taking care of Was it a mistake you left? When you should have been more...   Careful, careful Lies can... Continue Reading →

Paper Tissue Love

You always need me in the morning Wake me up even when I'm sleeping You rant about this thing and that But when you need me you cradle me back When your tears starts to fall I'm always here to catch it all I am always here for you I'm getting tired of you When... Continue Reading →

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