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another boring day.. i cant believe i'm wide awake this early. my windows shades are still closed shut but the bright persistent sunlight is flooding my room. shadows overcast by the leaves of the tree outside seem like creepy creatures, monster still sleeping beside my bed. my night lamp is still on, its not that... Continue Reading →

My 2012-2013 Transition

I still remember my favorite Christmas song when I was a kid, I used to sing it during Christmas season with my classmates in 2nd Grade, and that memory kind of stuck with me, so every time Christmas season comes, that memory of mine starts playing in my head. The song is called “Noche Buena”,... Continue Reading →

Death Envy

Do not envy the dead you just might get what you're wishing for My childhood friend recently died at the young age of 26. Lupus got the best of her, broke down her kidneys. I never got the chance to see nor talk to her, nor give her hope. It all came so fast, one... Continue Reading →

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