Animals!All of you!What have you done?! Nooooo!This can't be!It's not.This is not happening.Nooo!Stop!Help!Somebody help!Pleeeease!!Anybody??Help!!Stop it! Stop!Nooooo!Oh my.No.No no no no.No.No.Oh.....



Being in the same reality Near enough to be at the same place But still far enough to be together The distance does nothing to us It’s only a mere fence that blocks the view But it’s the people who keep us apart Separated for another day, another year I’ve lost count Still we tend... Continue Reading →

Night Shift

You shout, you rant You turn things around But you’re the fool The conversation ended when you said hello The night is young I won’t let you affect me Screaming won’t help you Dissing me won’t do you any good   You have problems, I have mine Don't let my patience step out of the... Continue Reading →


let's take a walk on the other side we've crossed this line too many times why are you doubting the signs? this time let's make something new this time it wont end too soon - hold my hand dear trust me i wont let go - your past still haunts you bringing you down i'll... Continue Reading →


your songs speak to me like flooding emotions blocking all my way out i'm consumed by your passion   drowning in your world of silence wishing someone could hear you but you can never speak   you take it all out in huge waves of oblivion sorrow, death and anger are your illusions   you... Continue Reading →

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